Clippings from my Apple Notes (2016-2021)Mostly quotes on Individualism and the Financialization of Society.
Building a Chat Server in RubyHow to make a Chat Server in Ruby using the TCP protocol
Animating TextHow to create a typing animation effect in Javascript
How I Built the ThatThatThis AppAn overview of the things I used to make my recently shipped app
Wielding TechnologyOn the difference between wielding technology and using technology.
Start SmallOn the value of starting small, and saying no to new things to get things done.
Looker might slow you downOn the tradeoffs you make by adopting something like Looker at your company.
Protect your Python app from TimeoutsIn this post, I show how to better protect your python service when making http calls to other services by guaranteeing a timeout by monkey-patching the requests library. Services tend to talk to other services. These services might be owned by you, another team at work, or made available by a third party (e.g. Google Maps API). How tolerant is your service to the failure of one of these upstream services? ...
Hillbilly EligyThe Hillbilly Eligy by J. D. Vance is a memoir of a boy growing up in Ohio in a [sic] white working class family that had its fair share of hardship and troubles with addiction. Its written very straightforwardly and conjures a vivid picture of the author’s upbringing. I read this book because it was being billed online as a good insight into a part of America that had been out of sight and out of mind. ...
OrnamentsThe morning of my flight home for the holidays I hastily came up with something for my family’s arts’n’crafts gift exchange. Luckily the Techshop was pretty quiet so I could get some time on the Laser Cutter to draw up these fellas It took three iterations to get it right, the first was too big, the second was good but needed handles. Once you’ve got it though, its just a question of copy and paste to make lots! ...