How I Built the ThatThatThis App

ThatThatThis is a small, cheap and useful indie app for methodical decision making. It’s designed to help you wrestle with big questions like “Where shall I live next?”.

I built the app in 25 sit-down sessions outside of work over a 170 day period. The first commit was on July 14th 2020, and the last commit was on December 31st 2020.

I used the Style Tile Framework for coming up with the colour scheme, fonts and general look and feel of the app.

I used community-provided Figma templates for creating appropriately sized assets for the App such as the app icon , the splash screen, and the App Store Screenshots. Fonts were provided by Google Fonts. I used Lottie for some small animations.

I used React Native to make this app, and relied heavily on React Native Elements to build a minimal viable product, before swapping out most of the pre-provided elements for my custom styled ones.

Data is saved locally on the device using SQLite3, and Redux is used as state management layer.

I used the Expo toolset to make this app and wrote the source code in Typescript. Prettier and ESLint were used to keep my source code consistently formatted. Transporter was used to deliver my builds to the Apple App Store.

Special thanks must go to my friend Ting Chen for our biweekly makers accountability checkins that kept this side project moving forward.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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