Walnut Tealight Holder

Walnut Tealight Holder

Still horrendous at making things with my hands but will keep trying! This is a tealight holder that is basically three bits of wood, two drill holes and glue.

  • Band Saw
  • Pillar Drilling Machine
  • 1 1/2" Forstner Bit
  • Sand Paper
  • Wood Glue
  • Circular Saw

Lessons learnt

Buying Wood

  • Walnut is a beautiful dark hardwood
  • Walnut is expensive
  • A DIY Store will sell wood at fixed lengths, but will cut it into pieces for you.
  • My car can fit about 10feet of wood just!


  • Make a detailed plan beforehand.
  • If it doesn’t work on paper it won’t work in the shop (this applies to coding too btw). Draw out everything to scale.
  • Use SketchUp or some other CAD software if you want to have reusable plans.
  • Itemize the equipment you’ll need. Nothing more frustrating than being halfway through and realising you don’t have any sanding paper!
  • Use Painters Tape or Super77 glue to stick your paper plans onto real wood.

In the Shop

  • Sanding concave curves is hard without a spindle sander
  • Always sand with the grain
  • Wood Glue needs clamps and needs to sit clamped for at least 30mins
  • Have a Pencil and a backup!

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