Best of 2020

A list of things I consumed and enjoyed in 2020 (even if they came out long before then!)

The rule was they had to come freely, if I had to remind myself what I had read/seen/watched/done then it wasn’t good enough to feature in this list.

Best Books

  • Overstory - Trees, People and Prose
  • Giovannis Room - The secret worlds shared by two people
  • Exit West - A refugee fairy tale
  • Extreme Ownership - Motivates you to do a great job
  • Bullshit Jobs - Reminds you about bullshit jobs!

Best Online Reads

Best Movies

  • Force Majeure - A man abandons his family to try and save himself and pretends it didn’t happen.
  • My Dinner with Andre - Two men eat dinner and talk about the different directions their life took.
  • I’m thinking of ending things

Runner up: Burning, Under the Skin

Best Podcast

Best TV

  • Line of Duty
  • Dave
  • Drag Race Season 5, All Stars and Brit
  • Pewdiepie playing Last of Us

Best Music

  • Kurangbin
  • Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Evermore

Best New Places in California Trips

  • Castle Peak
  • Downieville
  • Girard lookout tower
  • Mineral kings
  • Santa Barbara
  • Guerneville by Bike

Best New Bay Area Discoveries

  • Listening to
  • The Coffee Bowl at Zazies

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